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December 05, 2022

Do You Need To Be Concerned About Smart Home Hacking In Fort Collins?

In a variety of ways, smart tools like security cameras and video doorbells have made our lives more secure. We are able to get alerts if someone arrives at our front door, and we can have footage sent to us when questionable movements are found. Having implements we may interact with through the internet warns us of potential risks instantly. But there is one chief disadvantage. The access we enjoy is also cracking a door open for virtual intrusions.

While you shouldn’t lose sleep agonizing over smart home hacking in Fort Collins, you should be cognizant of the risk involved and take action to circumvent it.

Methods To Prevent Smart Home Hacking

It’s astonishing how the internet has changed our everyday lives as seemingly everything is accessible remotely, including your security components, smart TVs, and even your refrigerator. The drawback is that this produces more avenues for cyber criminals to sneak into your network. With that being said, you don’t have to eschew wireless home protection packages or other smart appliances. Rather, consider these tips and take steps to keep intruders away from your network.

  • Create hard-to-crack passwords: This is a requirement for every account, and that includes your wireless configuration. Use lower and upper casing and a mix of letters, special characters, and numbers. Avoid birthdays, anniversaries, or other things hackers may easily guess. A password creator will give you something completely random and a password manager can assist you in tracking your different passwords and accounts.

  • Change default settings: When you first unbox your new router, chances are it will come with a preset password to facilitate the setup. Adjust it immediately. Hackers will have these default settings as well. Establishing your wireless network and home router properly in the beginning is critical in keeping you secure.

  • Set up more than one network: Why put your smart range, your home security components, and your work laptop on one network? Most routers allow you to create a separate guest network. Be sure to use it and shield personal data found on your desktop, laptop, and phone.

  • Consider installing a firewall: Firewalls aren’t only for commercial networks. They may also be used on personal network. Firewalls can keep an eye on what’s happening on your network and thwart suspicious activity. You can opt for a router that offers a built-in firewall.

  • Utilize the top encryption settings and security protocols: If you’re using a new router, you may have the chance to utilize WPA3, the latest wireless security protocol. If not, WPA2 with AES encryption will do the job. You need to look for home security devices that use 128-bit or higher.

  • Ensure software and firmware is up-to-date: Keep your firmware and software at the latest levels for all equipment, and that includes your integrated camera surveillance. In some cases, these updates will address vulnerabilities and tighten up your network’s security.

Beware of Lower Quality Smart Home Equipment In Fort Collins

Name brands like ADT and Amazon have their reputation to protect and will quickly make an effort to fix a security flaw in their components. Other off-the-shelf options might not be quite as diligent. Getting your video cameras, smart thermostat, video doorbell, and other components from a lone supplier like ADT is a wise choice. And having all of your systems hooked up at once will go a long way to ensuring proper integration, security, and performance. It’s also worthwhile to point out that ADT Command, your centralized touchscreen, uses two-way encryption when interacting with your integrated components.

Request Your Own Fort Collins Wireless Home Security Package

Since you now have a greater understanding on how to keep your private network safe from cyber criminals, it’s time to get started on your own smart home security system in Fort Collins. The security experts at Secure24 Alarm Systems are here to create the perfect package for your family. Dial (970) 316-5674 or complete the form to take your protection to a new level.